Life-changing experiences with Lotus Protection:

Founder of the brand NUHO®

From the very first contact, I very quickly felt an anchor in my legs. The more I held the key in my hands, the more I felt that the alignment work was going smoothly.

I’ve been carrying the key on my person for a few weeks now and have been putting it on my bedside table when I go to bed. All I can say is that I feel more and more aligned in who I am. It seems to me that the quantum work is carried out by accompanying my intentions and my positioning, which has a direct impact on my daily life and the way I am with those around me. I feel accompanied in what I am and much more able to feel, identify my intuitions and follow them. As far as the night is concerned, I get a restful sleep even when I only sleep a few hours.

David Giovenco

Naturopath & Therapist

On a daily basis, I feel a growing serenity and more and more alignment. My confidence in life has greatly evolved.

The first time I put on the protection I was quite agitated for private reasons. In less than a minute I found myself totally aligned, my feet firmly anchored to the ground, my head completely connected to the source, my spine in perfect alignment with my chakras, which had harmonized. I felt like I was in a bubble of a magnitude that must have been 3 metres. I was in a state of perfect peace and serenity, so my worries no longer had any hold.
When I carried the Lotus while driving, I felt a total alignment and an expansion of the heart chakra. I felt as if I was in a whole cocoon of protection and expansion and I felt connected to the external elements. It went down into the solar plexus through the intestines to the legs, I felt connected with the environment, in a state of complete presence and vigilance with all my senses. I was alert and fully awake.

Brigitte Peillex

Graphic designer and photographer

I am a graphic designer and photographer and therefore spend a large part of my working day in front of the screen. When I first used the key, I was very curious to know if it would really have a positive impact on my feelings.

It turns out that it did. I felt more open and the energy flowed better as if I was being obliged to breathe freer, to stand up straight, to do things more consciously. None of this was my own doing. The key, I believe, was influencing all these essential changes.

One day, however, I felt more “messy”, more tired, as if I had been left in a state of non-creativity that I had to fight against. That day I had in fact forgotten to use the key…

The latter has since become essential to me and I highly recommend it to all those who, like me, regularly work in front of a screen.

Robin Nyfeler

Photographer and teacher of Lu jong Tibetan Healing Yoga

My experience with the key was intense from the beginning. As soon as I received the package I had the opportunity to do a quantum evaluation and found that the radiation of my chakras, which was 70% two months before, had increased to 100%.

The therapist who made this diagnosis was immediately convinced by the benefits of this key and ordered one for herself even though she already had competing equipment, with which she seemed to be fully satisfied.

I immediately felt a greater sense of serenity.

The Christmas holidays I then spent with my family were particularly enjoyable.

To my knowledge, this technology is the most effective way to balance and harmonise our personal energies and preserve us from harmful frequencies (electromagnetic and psychic).

Stéphane Schlup

Therapist & Co-Founder of Honesty.life & Lotus-Protection

Concretely, since I’ve been wearing the pendant, I feel that my concentration, attention span and sense of observation have clearly improved. I feel better anchored. I feel more balanced and in tune with the different parts of my being, but also more at peace and in harmony on a daily basis.

This technology has had an immense impact on my ability to live in the present moment and feel equanimous.

The interaction of the Lotus has had a beneficial effect on my body but also on my ability to feel more aligned from an energetic and physical point of view.

For years I have been very interested in the protections that exist on the market. When this technology was given to me to test it, I immediately felt that it was a different technology; it is holistic in its field of action.

Bilat Christiane


I have been wearing the PL necklace for a month. At the beginning only during the day and after 2 weeks also at night.

When wearing the PL I first felt a sense of well-being, a feeling of calm and better alignment. My thoughts were clearer and my mind more factual.

When I started wearing it at night, I noticed that by the morning I felt less foggy with more energy.

My nights are now less hectic and my dreams are more structured.

On a daily basis it brings me a lot of clarity and well-being.

I can only recommend HL for all those who want to find serenity and more joy in life.

Galia H.


The encounter with this pendant happened in a flash: one of my friends was wearing it and I was magnetized by the attraction it gave off. At that time, I was going through a period of doubts and changes, my friend made a gesture that touched me a lot and offered it to me.

As the weeks went by, I felt aligned and grounded, in tune with the big decisions I had made. This pendant allows me to find an emotional balance, a feeling of serenity, it is a daily ally to carry out my work, in the health and social context, that we all go through, currently.


In absolute terms we all have the God’s power within us and everything has always been within us. However, at this present time, to remain in full attention and intention despite the constant aggressions linked in particular to radiation, has become a feat of a great master.


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