GDV bioelectrography

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Analysis of the state of personal energy homeostasis by measuring the energy field

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The Zone diagram is intended to analyze the functional state of the human body by comparing the radiation zone of the fingertip and the calibration cylinder. The usual energy level corresponds to the green area in the middle. The inner circle is the area of low energy (hypo energy level). The outer circle represents the area of excess energy (hyper energy level).
Bio-Well is not a medical device, it has not been designed for medical diagnosis, it allows to conduct an analysis of the energy and stress of a person. In case of health problems, it is recommended to consult your doctor.

In absolute terms we all have the God’s power within us and everything has always been within us. However, at this present time, to remain in full attention and intention despite the constant aggressions linked in particular to radiation, has become a feat of a great master.


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