Live blood test

Effects of wearing Lotus Protection

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Clinician / microscopist: Gareth Edwards BSc. mBANT.

Effects of wearing Lotus Protection (created by Research Professor Ilija Lakicevic) for 15 minutes on three volunteers. Live blood observations on 05.04 & 01.05 2021

Conclusions and additional thoughts:

For all three of the volunteers there were noticeable increases in separation o f the red blood cells, allowing the shape of the erythrocytes (red blood cells) to be seen.

This should allow for more effective oxygen delivery throughout the body.
These effects were achieved after 15 minutes of ‘wearing’ the device as a necklace.

In absolute terms we all have the God’s power within us and everything has always been within us. However, at this present time, to remain in full attention and intention despite the constant aggressions linked in particular to radiation, has become a feat of a great master.


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