Why is the Lotus 101 quantum chip so effective?

We human beings with souls are far from being just a physical body; we are infinite spiritual beings. As holographic parts of our Creator, we were created equal to creation itself. We are omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent beings. Our bodies are the electrical record of our thoughts.  We human beings become conscious when we take on physical bodies that we mentally project and electrically...

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The symbolism of the LOTUS

There is something sacred and evolutionary about the lotus flower since the beginning of time.  The elevation with the lightness of the flower above the water symbolises openness and fulfilment in the face of light, purity and self-fulfilment. During the night the petals close and they open again at dawn. The Lotus flower has its roots in the depths of the water and blooms, in complete transparency,...

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In absolute terms we all have the God’s power within us and everything has always been within us. However, at this present time, to remain in full attention and intention despite the constant aggressions linked in particular to radiation, has become a feat of a great master.


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